For a while we have been building a platform to help the most needy.

Love is the message we all want to share, whilst some of us might do stupid or selfish stuff we are all human and make mistakes, but, we still want to love and feel accepted. Our page focuses on helping the most desperate and needing in our society. Whilst it is still in development and not completely finished I would still like to share with you our goals and ambitions for this page.

The plan: Crowd sourcing charitable donations posted by campaign managers. The website will offer its members the opportunity to publish a cause, explain in details the campaign and where all donations will be allocated, a handy chart will be visible on the site so the site visitors can see the progress of donations.

Updates: Once fully funded the campaign page will follow up with multiple updates so you can track the progress of your donation. Including videos or pictures showcasing the amazing work you’ve helped make happen. I hope you can help us on this venture, if you can’t give a little maybe just share and help other know what we are doing.

Check out the humanity > Facebook page < join, share, spread the love.

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